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First draft: done!

I tightened it up by only listing last names (except for the Bach and Strauss families) and moving the dates onto the same line. I was also able to fit 25 more composers (for a total of 125) so I could include a few personal favorites.

I decided which composers to include by whittling allmusic.com's list of top composers down by most Google search results. I was originally thinking of using a list of the most played by professional orchestras, but I could only find a list for 2010, but not 2011. A yearly "State of the Classics" graphic would be interesting project to do…maybe if someone else came up with the data.

Now to proofread and debate some of my categorization decisions. (Beethoven: classical or romantic? I wish I could afford to give the man his own color.)

(Sadly P.D.Q. Bach didn't make it.)

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