Roadmap of Tep app challenges

Thanks @Zsolt Szilvai for the invite! Let’s see my 1st Dribble post:
One of the concepts prepared for Tep app, a gamified sports tracker in which you keep alive a virtual pet (tamagotchi) by being active :)

The purpose of this highly illustrated roadmap would have been to engage users by challenges based on their progress becoming more active. This illustration (created back in 2015) is one segment of the story 'guide' to the 1st few levels. Each level includes challenges of how much you need to move and whenever you level up you unlock thematic surprises connected to the roadmap.

The roadmap hasn't been implemented but find the app in the store with a Giraffe in the icon :)

It was a great challenge and learning not only from graphics perspective but also from a game design point of view!

inspirations: TwoDots and the illustrations of Owen Davey + It might be also visible that I was playing Monument Valley at that time :)

By the way, I started learning @Framer and this scrolling was a challenge for me :)highly

Posted on Nov 24, 2017

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