Droplr UI Style Guide (ligh version)

Hey Dribbblers!

Yes, I'm more than happy to announce this: droplr will get massive redesign… soon! 🎉

But let's start from the beginning. Almost one year ago I joined the Droplr team. My task was, well… I would say: big. Redesign Droplr and make it great again 😅. I use Droplr on daily basis so I said - "hell yeah!" It wasn't easy road for me because I have a full time job, but it was epic experience designing something that you use every single day. Personally I love the direction that this project is going right now. Hope you dribbblers will also love it 💜

For start - I can only show UI Style Guide that I have prepared for developers. It shows main UI elements as well as drops, boards and other fancy stuff.

So, yeah - this is it! Can't wait to share with you guys and girls more shots from official Droplr Redesign soon! Stay tuned! ✌🏻

BTW. Make sure you'll check attachments 🤓

Mateusz Dembek
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