Innovative Eye Pillow Landing Page Design

Hey guys!

This is a website design we’ve been working on here, at Zajno, for a really cool company that produces all kinds of pillows, including pretty unusual ones. There are even some pillows that allow you to have a nap practically at your desk at work. We were tasked to work with a bit different product, though. It's called 'Eye Pillow', and that's a cool innovation. We liked the idea at once as every now and then all of us feel the necessity to be alone for some time either to focus or to calm down, but it’s not always possible. However, an eye pillow makes it possible whenever and wherever you want. Pretty useful, isn’t it? And 100% trendy too.

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Our goal was to find the best way to connect the brand with the target audience. To this end, we chose to use demi bold typography together with geometric layout ‘cause, in our opinion, it’s the best match to the concept. As for composition, we kept on experimenting with it too, as we did before. We adopted a more unconventional approach to composition because we got really interested in working with non-trivial solutions. We like challenging ourselves, and this project is one of these challenges.

It’s like you’re constantly moving rectangles on canvas, trying to find the perfect combination of colors, shapes, and whitespace. But every time you don’t like the result because you are used to creating different stuff. It’s just like playing a musical instrument but in a totally different style. As if you liked to play funk, and all of a sudden you got crazy about deathcore. The same thing with design. And that’s the main difficulty. We don’t have much expertise in deathcore, you know) In our case, we mean composition and grid. But we’ll catch up on that! :)

For now, those are the efforts to find ourselves. To realize what we like doing most. To find our own way. To find something that won’t be mentioned in @Jenny Johannesson's tweet. Don’t judge too harshly, we’re still in search and we’ll be happy to hear from you, guys. We love it when give us some feedback, you know. That's only a part of the website, tomorrow we'll post something new. Keep in touch and stay tuned. Peace! 🙂

P.S. Dear buddy, if you’re reading this line, it means you’ve made it till the end, congrats bro! That’s cool and I really appreciate it. Do you mind putting a “+” in comments? It’ll help me to see the number of cool buddies out there :)

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Posted on Nov 16, 2017
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