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Hey dribbblers,

This time i continue sharing other pieces of a project that i had so much fun working on. Now it's time for the Notifications section!

It's not only a list of boring updates we can find here but also a statistic data sorted chronologically by week, month, and the whole recent year. Users can opt to use those tasty icons as tabs to filter out the data they don't want to get distracted by. It's right here in the notification section users may apply such additional actions as "Reply", "Like" or "Remove" to comments on their posts without having to leave the page.

This side project really resonated with my personal approach and idea of incorporating fun into user experience increasing engagement and just setting the vibe! :D

Fame Lab is a leading social marketing cloud that delivers authentic engagement on Instagram, Snapchat And Facebook Pages.

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Stay tuned for the upcoming interactions ;)

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