TGR Instant Platform

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Tgr instant ui

This is a screencap from a platform we built on top of the Teton Gravity Research website before I left last year that never got a big release (mostly due to the way film rights are owned distributed in the age of iTunes). It's a Netflix-style streaming service for all of TGR's vast film library, with the ability to expand to include anyone else's action flicks as well. We called it TGR Instant. At the moment there are only a few of the older films on the platform - hopefully that will expand in the future!

The style of this is representative of the direction I took our overall look in my last year at TGR - I wanted to push our typography to its dramatic limit with things like huge bold headlines and big colorful buttons. I was pairing that with a rougher style of image backgrounds that were more washed out, cross-processed, and noisy. I think the effect was great - you can see another example at It was also all built with flexbox before flexbox was even cool! But seriously, try flexbox - it improves coding layouts by hand like this so much.

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