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I've spent every waking minute of my free time, for the better part of a year working on this iOS theme. It contains over 140 icons and a myriad of UI elements that are made to compliment iOS, not radically change it. Today, it was accepted to the Cydia Store. This is my baby. And I'm so proud to share it with you guys! There is so much here that I just can't possible share everything this theme has (and do it justice). You can check out all the details on my site, if you are interested (which still doesn't cover everything in it): www.szilveszter.ca

Dedicated to the late Steve Jobs (1955-2011). Visionary and inspiration.

PS: Sorry if this comes across as overly self-serving and promotional. That is not my intention. I really am profoundly happy just to share it with you all! I busted my @ss on this; I really did.

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