Yeay, a Berlin based start-up, is on a mission to redefine the shopping experience for generation Z, enabling its users or brands to sell products with videos.

Earlier this year I teamed up with yeay to help them with exploring new revenue streams by opening up the purchase flow. Sellers can share their products on social media sites with their followers, who then can purchase the product within the browser without having to download the app or register first.

Whilst working on the purchase flow, we were faced with numerous limits that we had to work with, yet we took every opportunity to optimise all aspects of the purchase flow. The checkout flow consists of three steps: shipping address, contact details and payment details. Naturally, each step came with its own challenges. For example, we initially planned to allow users to sign in to their account to populate the details, but eventually had to scrap that functionality due to time restraints.

Once the user’s punched in their address and moved on to the next step, the emoji changes to a check to provide a sense of accomplishment and wayfinding.

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