1 Dribbble Invite Giveaway


1 Dribbble invite giveaway!

Dribbble has truly changed my business, become a bridge between me & awesome clients/projects, and pushed me to do better every time with it's great motivation... I can't thank enough to Dribbble! So, if you want to join this community, here is a chance.

Follow These Steps:
1. If you still don't have a Dribbble Prospect account, create one. I'm gonna draft prospect account.
2. Send me an email at oykun.yilmaz@gmail.com with subject as "dribbble invite", and content as "who you are and link to your proud works..."

It is appreciated if you wish to leave a tweet to this page http://drbl.in/cPRr that mentions @OykunYilmaz . It'd also help me to link/reply your tweet when I announce the lucky winner if it'll be you :) You can also follow me on Twitter for the announcement.

I will answer the lucky winner via email and make it public over Twitter on next Friday (27 Jan). I will also update this message.



The invite goes to Jack Bagdadi

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