2012 newspaper


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  1. Simon Collison Simon Collison

    The 2012 issue of the New Adventures newspaper. Hats off to Olly and Greg, our interviewees, sponsors and many more. The PDF is available now for £1, and we throw in the 2011 issue for free. Banzai.

    about 2 years ago

  2. Keenan Cummings Keenan Cummings

    This looks really nice. Gonna have to snag a copy. Great Build talk BTW. Just watched this morning...

    about 2 years ago

  3. Oykun Yilmaz Oykun Yilmaz

    Amazing! I was feeling terrible because of I couldn't make to Conf although I'm from Manchester, s close there!!

    So I just bought my copy! :)

    Paper print would be amazing! I would pay anything.

    about 2 years ago

  4. Jonathan Ogden Jonathan Ogden

    Thanks Colly and the folks for a great conference! Only made it to the actual conference day but really enjoyed the talks and I'm feeling very inspired now! Keep up the great work. I love the whole feel of the conference. Great speakers, and great attendees! Oh, and the newspaper is lovely :)


    about 2 years ago

  5. Jens Obel Jens Obel

    Holy smokes! That's some really great colors :) Seems like an interesting magazine. Guess I have to buy a copy!

    about 2 years ago

  6. Henric Sjösten Henric Sjösten

    Looking very British (=lovely)!

    about 2 years ago

  7. Alessio Carone Alessio Carone

    Loved much more this version that the one of the last year. It feels a proper newspaper of design :D

    about 2 years ago

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