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KissiK - Lipstick Brand

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Thank you very much my friends for their support of the previous two works, thank you very much!

I used the lipstick theme in this work. I named it "KISSIK". The user base is 15-25 years old girl.I added the PC side. Color is pink, I expect to meet the aesthetic of such people.I hope this design did not let you down, sincerely thank!

We set up a 20-player Dribbble Team with everyone's efforts.
Team's name is "B & B", Team's logo is "&".
The full name of "B & B" is bitty and beautiful;
"&" Represents us together.
B & B's Slogan is "We are a group of 2B youth, we are doing a bitty and beautiful design".

Or Team name: B&B

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