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Droopler freebie webdesign drupal

Hello Dribbblers!
Here in Droptica, we are working on the first version of 100% free, open source Drupal websites creator.

Droopler (it is an official name of this project) will allow creating simple, modern and responsive websites based on Drupal CMS. It will be a perfect solution for small businesses and personal websites. Many types of website sections help you build a custom website in a very short time.

Our idea is to develop a tool which brings a Lego bricks building style into website crating process. Each module (slider, contact form, gallery and other) will be a single component. It's your decision to choose how to arrange them and what kind of content put in them.

If you are a developer, Droopler will be also a good starting point in your Drupal development process. Our project is going to be a simple base to create full custom websites will allow you to avoid initial, time-consuming, configuration steps that occur in every web project. Start with Droopler and change it into something amazing!

We are excited to invite you to use the first public version of Droopler which be revealed soon.

Stay tuned for more updates:


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