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Mountain Bike Halifax

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Mountain Bike Halifax is a volunteer-driven organization that strives to provide, preserve, and promotes sustainable mountain biking in Halifax.

Surrounding the city of Halifax exists a rich and diverse riding experience. Whether lakeside in the forest or high above the ocean on coastal bluffs, the trails around Halifax provide a unique, backcountry feel just minutes from the downtown core. These settings, coupled with the natural features of the terrain provide a ride quality that has the potential to make Halifax a world-class mountain bike destination.


As a passionate Mountain Biker that would like nothing more than to see our city embrace an active and outdoor culture, we jumped at the opportunity to help the organization get off the ground. This included assisting with the naming, establishing a branding & design system and getting them online.

The design system is flexible and created with mountain bikers top of mind; it needed to be simple, traditional and timeless. It needed to be something riders would wear with pride and help brings awareness to the organization and the Mountain Biking community in Halifax as a whole.

The logo embodies notable Halifax landmarks and trails just beyond the downtown core.

Small rolling hills hint at the characters of our trails while keeping it minimal and straightforward enough to represent all trails, not one in particular.

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