Acme Inc. - New animation + Jumping mecanics


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I've overhauled the engine again; it's getting a bit messy - so I try to refactor everything every now and then.

This video is the new rescaled version - with new dynamic camera controls depending on size and position of both the scene, as well as the levels.

A new SUPER JUMP mechanic has also been introduced, along with SUPER RUN. All animation sprites has also been refined, and I added a new animation system for my sprites.

Along the way I found a really nice way to preview my animations in photoshop, using Smart Objects for updating content. Remind me to upload a demo for the interested later.

And o' yeah, I rescaled all assets down to actual pixel size (instead of the double I had before) - which mean awesome 60fps. I then rescale everything in the engine - works like a charm!

I still appreciate any comments regarding the progress.

Vertical smoke animation here.
Horizontal smoke animation here.

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