This was a fun drawing. It's not perfect, but that's why I don't do this for a living. :)

Here's a 2560x1440 wallpaper size in all its glory:

I was tweeting progress along the way which was fun. Here's the various stages:

Initial sketch:!/markjardine/status/159442476325797890

2nd draft:!/markjardine/status/159499724091695105

Final pencil draft:!/markjardine/status/159521078832660480

Illustrator vector lines:!/markjardine/status/159757459995623426

Live paint base colors:!/markjardine/status/159778134273691648


This is probably the most extensive drawing I've done that is completely in vectors. It takes time, but also nice to know I can scale this at any size without losing quality.

Posted on Jan 19, 2012
Mark Jardine
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