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Jetty 3D State Scenes

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Jetty 3D State Scenes diorama still life frames boxes scene objects texas new york 3d

I've been really bad about posting things I've been up to at Jetty. This has been a fun one. And by that I mean: entirely for fun. With insurance you don't just turn on the open sign and start selling, you have to go through an entire approval process in every state. Long story short, we're finally live in New York (where our main HQ is), and Texas (where I work from). We knew it was coming eventually, and I'd been working on these little scenes that celebrate each state to use as artwork for our new office (and for our phones).

I've been doing a lot of Creative Direction of scenes like these and the scenes on our website. It's a really interesting process, and wouldn't be anything without incredible 3D artists. For these I've been working with @Anastasia Ibragimova—she's amazing!

I threw together a little Medium post about these where you can check out the full scenes for NY, TX, CA, and IL and download them if you want a random phone wallpaper from an insurance provider.

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