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A Pokemon Fall-oween: Pumpkaboo

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A Pokemon Fall-oween: Pumpkaboo autumn pokemon pokemon go pumpkin leaf acorn pokeball wallpaper orange illustration fall halloween

Happy Halloween! "A Pokemon Season" series' highly Halloween influenced fall illustration is here. Are there any Pokemon other than Pumpkaboo that is more suitable for this illustration? I don't think so! If you're a hardcore Pokemon fan like myself, you probably already noticed Seedot acorns and rare candies. And those Jack-o-Lanterns did you ask? Yep, I was inspired from Gourgeist.

Sadly, this year's Pokemon GO Halloween Event doesn't include this cute, ghost pumpkin Pokemon. But next year, I hope to catch them; a lot of them! Until then, I turned this design into a wallpaper. That way you can use this wallpaper on your phone while catching some creepy ghost Pokemon. You can download it at Susam Creative's blog. Here is the link.

A Pokemon Season Series
- A Pokemon Spring: Oddish
- A Pokemon Summer: Corsola
- A Pokemon Fall-oween: Pumpkaboo
- Winter will be published on around January

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