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Circle of life ZOO logo - first version

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Circle of life ZOO logo - first version logo biozone negative space animal animals wildlife wild penguin seal crocodile chameleon lion octopus elephant dolphin birds bird snake seahorse circle identity branding brand bio environmental ecology planet zoo clever

New project I am working on.

Logo design proposal for BIOZONES - company specialized in ZOO garden, aquarium design and services on ZOO animals husbandry, management and security, etc.

BIOZONES is innovative company making well thought ZOO concepts that are not only market oriented, but scientific and educational, too.

Using negative space I wanted to communicate innovative thinking and modern approach. I wanted logo looks appealing instantly as nature originally is. To avoid abstract, technical and minimal look I stylized animals as realistic as was possible to keep them recognizable for the eye between white and black spaces. Was not easy to put them all inside, but BIOZONES is covering most of wildlife (amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, fishes, etc.) so I have to do that somehow.

Finally you can count 13 animals in a logo:

penguin, seal, crocodile, chameleon, lion, octopus, elephant, dolphin, birds, snake, giraffe and seahorse

Another part of concept behind branding is that logo looks environmentally - that is important due to character of services BIOZONES is providing - respecting natures biodiversity through design and architecture, making better environment for animals, getting people closer to wildlife, etc.

BIZONES is operating worldwide so there is something on that logo looks like planet Earth. But you can see it as park map or ZOO plan with pathways, exhibition zones, too.

Logo is WIP, logo waits for color scheme and typography treatment.

Open atttached file if you want to see bigger image.

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