Free tomato sticker pack

Update 10/28:

We're all out of tomato packs. But don't worry, there's more fun from Vinny coming soon! 😉


Hey everyone! Vinny, our Director of Hospitality, has a special announcement:

You heard it here first! We’re giving away a limited edition tomato sticker pack to all Dribbblers! It includes the 13 winning designs from Vinny’s tomato playoff and it’s available to the entire Dribbble community for free.

Here’s how to get the pack:
1. Like this shot
2. Fill out this form

We'll only ship sticker packs to active Dribbblers. We'll ignore fake profiles or people who signed up for a Dribbble account only to receive the pack.

A big thanks to the 13 Dribbblers who designed the stickers!


Posted on Oct 25, 2017
Sticker Mule
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