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Last year I designed an UI for an app that ideally would help you find the perfect book to read (it’s the shot I’m actually rebounding) without you knowing about it existence, based on what you feel to read at the moment, using some keywords research-algorythm.
Looking back at it last week, I thought the idea was great really, and that the whole concept/UI could have been designed much better than the way I did, so I decided I’m going to design it back from scratch, keeping only the things I still think are good.
The first screen I’m showing is the book details page. Here users will be able to
get redirected to a store where to buy the book (Amazon, for instance) - be able to share the book and quickly see the rating of the book.
Of course users are also going to have a preview of the book, a better overview of the ratings (I’m working on the reviews page ATM) and they’ll also get suggestions about some very similar book to the one they’re displaying.
This is all folks, check the FP out and leave some feedback if you feel like.

Posted on Oct 20, 2017

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