Base UI Framework – Use Case

Hey dribbblers,

I'm proud to present you my latest work: Base UI Sketch Framework.
It’s a design system consist of 180 screens, supercharged with nested Nested Symbols and Predefined Text-Styles.

I plan to release series of small freebies showcasing how Base UI can help you improve your daily creative workflow.
The first one is about easily fonts/colors customising.

Every designer wants to have an ability to easily switch between colors/typeface to find the best one. The one that fits product the most. Thanks to Sketch – we have symbols and can set up them fairly easy.
Base UI take it to another level and gives you a library of screens connected to one customisable design system. Check attachments, I actually build these in a few minutes.

There’s a little freebie attached. You can open it without Base UI, but to take full advantage of it you need to download free or full version and then copy the template to the main sketch file.

As Base UI was recently featured on Product Hunt, there still discount codes available there:

3 MB

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