Tomato playoff winners

Tomato playoff winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in Vinny's tomato playoff. It's been a fun week! 🍅

With the help of a full stomach and lots of wine, Vinny has finally reached a decision:


Congrats @Alex Kunchevsky for winning the grand prize with your Vinny's Tomato design!

Here are the runner ups: (+2 bonus)

@Fabio Benedetti -
@Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia -
@Fabio Di Corleto -
@Carlos Puentes -
@Ryan Vatzlavick -
@Pommes -
@Takashi Wickes -
@Mary-Anne Ramirez -
@MSG317 -
@Jon Stapp | atomicvibe -
@Brian Houtz -

As mentioned, all entries received $20 Sticker Mule store credit. Winners will be notified shortly via email on how to claim their winnings ✌️

1 Rebound

  1. Astromato - Moon Landing


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