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Quick and dirty hack to replace the Adobe Digital Editions eBook reader app icon with a pile of the Book Apart books by A List Apart (recommended, by the way) - here it is in my OS X Launchpad.

- - - - - - -

• Download http://dl.dropbox.com/u/50841/dribbble/BookApart-512.png (not quite ideal proportions, but this was a quick thing).

• Download Adobe Digital Editions (eBook reader software) - you can load your Book Apart ePub files and any other books you have into this, seems to be the best book reader for Mac at the moment.

• Install XCode (to get Icon composer, easiest way to make/edit Mac App icons)

• Open Applications, right click Adobe Digital Editions and select 'Show Package Contents'.

• Navigate to Contents>Resources - right click ADE.icns and select 'Open with Icon Composer'.

• Replace all sizes by dragging the PNG into icon composer's icon trays.

Instant access to shiny reference books up in your Launchpad. Boom.


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