My website is live!

I've finally made my own personal website!

At the moment there's links to all my socials, and I have a link to the sites where 3 of my favourite projects currently are. 🎉

I've gone for a design that 'just works' – nothing flashy, just here's my socials, and my projects. Hope you enjoy the design! Open to constructive criticism!

In the future I want to:

– Have each project show you more information about the behind the scenes
– Update it with more projects
– Somehow get my medium posts to show up (help!)

Geeky stuff:

The entire site is made by myself using only HTML and CSS so it works great on mobile. I used FlexBox to make the website flow freely on the page no matter how big the browser window is. I couldn't have done it without the help of this tutorial:

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