Progressive Architecture – Web Concepts #6

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Pdab dribbble shot 7

Really quite enjoying this one.

On this concept, once a project is selected, the fixed navigation to the left will will shrink horizontally, hiding the options. The panel will stay fixed, with a new arrow, acting as a button.

When selected, the navigation will reveal itself and the page will have a 90% black overlay appear with more projects to view. Or alternatively they can close the window and resume viewing the current project.

The arrow is quite small, so the "active area" will be quite large, and a clear visual stimulus will inform the user that they are "hovering" over it.

The page itself will consist of two "divs", the one to the left will contain information on the project and be individually scroll-able. The div to the right will contain the visual content of the project.

Also considering whether to include an option to hide the information and bring the images to the full width of the container. As well as a way to make it more obvious that the information column is scrollable.

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