Balancy – Loss of balance

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Work timer progress presentation

Balancy is a simple and minimalistic app that will help people find the optimal balance between work and rest using some gamification principles.

How it works:
1. The user specifies how much time per day he wants to work.
2. The user specifies how long his working sprint will last.
3. The user specifies how long he wants to rest after each working sprint.
🎯 After that, his goal is to stick to this balance.

For example:
1. I want to work 6 hours per day.
2. My working sprint is 1 hour.
3. I want to rest 15 minutes after every 1 hour of work.
🎯 My goal is to stick to the 1:00 / 0:15 balance.

This short demo shows how the interface will be transformed when the user is work too much.

If you're interested, then be sure to check the rest of the work on this project. I'll be glad to hear your comments 🙂


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