My wife and I are trying to determine a loose schedule for our baby (wake, sleep, eat and play) and I made this chart to represent a full 24-hour cycle.

Instead of using a 24-segment clock with 12 hours to each half, or needing two charts (two 12-hour periods of AM/PM) this chart spirals outwards like a nautilus shell but keeps each of the clock cardinals aligned between AM/PM e.g. 3 AM/PM appear at the same 90 degree angle, and 6 AM/PM at 180 degrees so we can still relate the chart a standard clock to read it easily at a glance.

Because our little guy can still be unpredictable feeding and sleep times cover more segments than needed and blend with activity times using a gradient.

Posted on Oct 10, 2017
Jordan Wan
Jordan Wan UX/UI Designer

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