A reinterpretation of sōsho, the cursive script of Japanese calligraphy. I combined two English letters into each of the glyph and each of them functions as an initial, stands for good meanings.

from left to right
S and P for 哀 (kana-shii, aware, ai) = Sad and Pity
B or M for 恵 (megumi, megu-mu, kei, e) = Bless and Mercy
H or P for 祈 (ino-ri, ino-ru, ki) = Hope and Pray

This is in a typeface to benefit earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan by The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA)

It's never too late to give a support to Japan (and as well other countries that faced with disasters lately). I wish there are more campaign like this.

Give a love :)

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