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Designs can begin anywhere—on paper, on a whiteboard, on the screen of a laptop— and if you’re at the Microsoft India Development Center, some of these designs begin at Studio+91.
Studio+91 is at the heart of things designed at MS-IDC—a collective of eclectic designers and researchers collaborating as one, with the various businesses that run out of this center. Inter-dependent, and unified as one, Studio+91 is a grouping of strength and creativity.
As a Microsoft design studio, we are anything but traditional. We take pride in our craftsmanship of building delightful digital products; always putting users first. Our cozy, quirkily furnished workspaces are spread across teams, and it is where the future of Microsoft products is shaped, interaction ideas are churned out and redlines are created.
Great designs are inclusive, which is why apart from our usual outside-of-the-box days, we also collaborate across all Microsoft teams to build on ideas, create something new, and ace Hackathons that get applauded by Bill, Satya, or even both. 
Studio+91 is unified by the sense of our story together—our belief in listening to users, in diligence, in paying attention to the subtle details, and believing that we are what we deliver.

Posted on Oct 7, 2017
Microsoft Studio+91
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