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Hi there, I'm trying a cut-down version of cases, tear out several screenshots and the main message from a presentation and publish it for you.

Beside big companies, I like to work with middle/small clients who understand their business category but still open to a partial rethinking of the functionality and even the service. Here is one of such examples I work under the NDA.

• In the US, connecting business or home to service, everyone has the opportunity to choose what type of energy will consume, for example - energy produced in a classical way either by burning coal or a hydroelectric power station, or renewable energy - solar battery farms/wind power.
• In general, there is a trend towards a consumption of clean energy by corporations, which is more conscious and profitable. To connect to this type of energy you should purchase REC (Renewable Energy Certificates) what was the client's main business model. I went a little further and discussed the possibility of rethinking a positioning outlined below.

Client / Current positioning:
• A California startup with a focus on REC distribution. An intermediary between a manufacturer of renewable energy sources and businesses interested in clean energy and cost reduction.

• In general, the market for smart home apps and control of energy consumption is strongly monopolized by device manufacturers. There is no service solution with a focus on monitoring, managing and optimizing consumption in the business category.

Basic Functionality:
• Connection and control of smart home devices;
• Detailed monitoring of consumption;
• Creating scenarios;
• Marketplace;

Change in positioning:
• A consultant of energy consumption costs for enterprise and medium business segments
• A technical partner and smart home device installer
• A distributor of Renewable Energy Certificates
• A distributor of devices by monthly subscriptions
• Establishment and configuration of devices
• Configuration and creation specific scenarios to reduce a consumption, for instance:
• standby mode for all unused printers, coffee machines, etc.
• maintaining a certain temperature by determining the number of people in the room.

In other words - it's interesting. Thanks.

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