Trails 4 Tails: Hiking App For Dog Lovers - 48hr Challenge

The Problem:
Recently, I found myself searching for a suitable hiking trail within New Hampshire's Presidential Range that was the right balance of difficulty and safety for my dog and me.

After searching the internet for hours I didn't find much on the trails I was planning to hike (Mount Pierce to Eisenhower Peak) except opinions buried deep into human hiking focused forums.

The Challenge:
Create a social platform that helps avid hikers like myself plan trips, give and gain feedback for various trails in their area while still being informed on the difficulty a hike may have on dogs.

Project Scope:
Design a prototype as well as branding identity for "Trails 4 Tails" within the free time I had starting on Saturday and finishing with a hard stop on Sunday night.

Posted on Oct 3, 2017

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