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271 invite giveaway romaji katakana ピザ pizza

Okay, i still have two invites because i wasn't satisfied with any of applicant portfolios so far. One guy was actually really cool and absolutely fair that he got an invite from someone else while i was inspecting applications.

All of you guys who sent works to me, thanks to all of you for participation, but keep on working, improve your skills and someday you'll succeed.

So anyone who thinks, he could blow my mind with some extraordinary work, I'd love to draft you. Don't hesitate to reach me out, but this time i want to say applications without portfolio wont pass the criteria. I don't want to give invite away just for one or two fancy pictures.

I also give feedback, and i'm trying to make it productive, and i think those who sent me a letter already appreciated this.

ピザ pizza to all of you guys!

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