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269 sayonara katakana sa サ

Sa (サ) is for Sayonara even though it's written in Katakana. Today i'm saying さようなら to my car, because it isn't mine any more. That was my first car and it wasn't just a bunch of metal and plastic for me. I loved it. I called it 'Crocodile', because it was long green old bimmer.

I have so many stories about it and for me it's already before and after. I had to ride it almost three years, having fun with repairs and enjoying long 3k journeys. Then it was an accident, a front collision, with a reckless guy riding father's Toyota (a coincidence that it was a Japanese car). Luckily, nothing but cars were damaged.

And today i sold it. So i'm saying farewell to my lovely bimmer. And 'sayonara' is a perfect saying for the moment. Because sayonara is actually not for just to say Good buy, but has strong sense of finality to it. So be careful using this word. Don't say so if you know you will meet again soon.

For you I can say また明日 — see you tomorrow.

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