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Been sometime since I posted something. This is the first animation I have ever done. For years, I had the fear of touching any software that has a timeline but I realise that If I don't incorporate motion to my design skill set then I am going to stagnate very soon.

It is also easier to explain your ideas better with motion. It is just not to make something look fancy. It improves communication.

In order to improve my motion skills, I have decided to create a side project that involves smart (AI / Machine Learning / AR) shopping. I will be using motion to convey various ideas about the concepts mentioned to better convey my vision. This animation here shows how to link to a smart cart which will convey information (real-time) to the app about the goods that have been put in the cart. The key concept is for faster checkout whereby you pay for items without any teller interaction. It will be a hybrid commerce system.

Let the motion journey begin !!! :-)

Made by Principle for Mac & Photoshop CC.

Posted on Sep 28, 2017

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