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Company Representative – Sanbot in action Part 1

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Company Representative – Sanbot in action Part 1 watson natural language cognitive humanoid robotics machine learning artificial intelligence robotics qihan sanbot conversational ui chatbot chat

Meet Sanbot(Mercury)!!

The AI robot to perform as a company Representative. Sanbot is an intelligent, humanoid service robot which helps to build humanoid robotics applications.

This conversational UI is displaying in the HD screen of Sanbot. In other words, when the Robot starts the conversion with the human(user), the UI will starts to function as it go. Also it helps user to carry on the conversation with the robot firmly and naturally.

In Summary, this UI supports for all instances below:

• Initial greeting/farewell for human detection
• Voice recognition - smooth animations & interactions
• Answering users’ questions about company
• Users inquiring of Sanbot about complex questions
• All question posed by the user and answers given will be displayed on the screen
• If there is too much text for the screen the text will scroll to show the newest content
• The user can scroll to see previous text if desired

Part 2 is here...

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