Mordialloc Ducks Graphics

I've started and just launched a new baseball club in Mordialloc, a suburb in the south-east of Melbourne, Australia. You can always see ducks swimming on the Mordialloc Creek, one of the suburb's major landmarks. Was a heap of fun coming up with this feather-led identity. The M-with-feather logo is our cap logo, and the arched text will sit on the front of our uniforms.

The aim is to be a social baseball club and to take ourselves a lot less seriously than other clubs in the area.

We're on instagram too, if you want to give us a follow!

Fonts used: Herchey (the script face), Herchey Serif (Roundel, Arched text, M-with-feather, and hashtag)

Posted on Sep 21, 2017

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