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One Dribbble Invite. Giveaway.

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One Dribbble Invite. Giveaway. share invite gif illustration giveaway dribbble draft game

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Hey there,

I want to draft ONE of you. Follow the next:
- Please, choose your best works and send them to my email
- Send the link to your Dribbble account.

I will announce the winner September 22. I will update the description of this shot.

Thank you and good luck.


The Winners have already drafted (: !
Thanks for all your emails and likes!

I received about 90 portfolios, thanks to all for sharing. Thank you for your passion! 🙌❤️ And it was the reason to give TWO invites instead the one.

I picked and drafted the following two guys:

Please, give them a congrats. Welcome to the game, folks!

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