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MUTEMATH / Play Dead US Tour Poster (and behind the scenes)

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MUTEMATH / Play Dead US Tour Poster (and behind the scenes) black and white noir poster mcnair haus darren king play dead mmlp5 mutemath mood texture graphic design art direction

Tour posters are very hit or miss for me. Truth be told, there are few I'd ever consider hanging on a wall. Overall, I tried to maintain a "less is more" approach to the US poster, and I really enjoy the end result.

I tried a number of directions that were very "traditional tour poster" with large type and huge graphic presence, and I kept coming back to wanting to do something that was against the grain to the rest of the album/tour campaign. Upon browsing Google for vintage ads, I found this advertisement from 1962 that inspired me to incorporate the album artwork in a way that could be related to the album art without being so literal.

One of the subtle things I explored to bring some authenticity to the poster was printing off the logo, rubbing it with a damp Black Tea bag, dabbing it dry, and then scanning it back in. Processes like this tend to help me rethink my approach. Early on in the poster design process, I was holding on too tightly to what I had done with a lot of the other promo stuff. This simple "remix" of the logo got me thinking outside of my direct context and helped me push past some of the creative block I was having.

Anyway, probably more info than anyone cares about.
Happy Labor Day!

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