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I'm incredibly excited to announce the launch of the new Digital Asset. I have been working with them for few months and what a ride! Probably the hardest and most challenging project I ever worked on.

But I could not do it by myself! Special thanks to:

@aristideBenoist -> No need to introduce him, the dude has been collecting awwwards for the last 2 weeks. What a great job you did on the front-end dude!

@Dave Soderberg -> Dave and I have been working together to find the best visual direction and you should see some of his concepts! What a talented dude! Love you man!

@dan O'Prey -> Wow! We did it man! I loved our collaboration from the beginning. Easiest person to work with and what an eye :)

@Ben Chwirka: Thanks for the amazing work on the videos! They look so good!

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Posted on Sep 1, 2017
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