Vinicius Sueiro

Temer defenders avoided the spotlight

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Temer defenders avoided the spotlight waveform corruption impeachment congress information graphics data visualization chart

One thing stands out from this chart – and it may have to do with shame.

After analysing the transcript of speeches made during Dilma’s impeachment & Temer’s corruption charges votings, this chart was born. It represents the speech length of each voter – the more common the length, the higher the peak. For example, most Temer supporters voted briefly, with speeches around 50 characters long. This is barely sufficient to say “I vote yes, with the report, Mr. President”.

Possibly, Temer defenders were trying to avoid a strong association with the president that has the lowest popularity ratings in Brazilian politics since the direct elections were reestablished in the country, in 1992.

Rodrigo Menegat is the data journalist who envisioned and plotted this wave-shaped graphic. I was responsible for visually improving it.

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