Upload on iPhone and iPad

Upload crop

Today, we've shipped v1.1 of the iOS app! Headlining this update is shot uploading...

You can upload images from the Camera Roll, Dropbox, Pasteboard, or my favorite iCloud Drive. Or you can share directly within apps like Procreate, Affinity Photo or Adobe Draw using the share sheet (it might be buried along side Messages, Twitter, Facebook, etc. but it's there).

This should make life easier for people using iPad and Apple Pencil. You no longer need to Airdrop your work from Procreate to your Mac to crop in Photoshop just to upload.

You can also upload animated GIFs from the pasteboard. But even better, if you have a video (.mp4) in your Dropbox for example, we'll let you crop it and convert it to an animated gif inside the app.

We're super excited about the release. We hope you like it!


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