Dressify iPhone UI (Fieldtest it!)

Dressify ui

Quick goofy little app I'm working on as a follow-up to a popular book in Australia.

But here's the cool part...take a look at a prototype of this app using fieldtest app - a prototyping tool a friend of mine (http://dribbble.com/juanchez) has in beta right now.

1) Hit this URL while on your mobile & connected to wi-fi - http://fldt.st/1c6yzoj

2) Tap the bottom message, prompting you to download the app to your device.

3) Run the app

4) 2 finger swipe to the right and tap "Load High Res"

5) On any pages that are unclear regarding where to click, just tap an item on the page and it'll advance you to the next page (note: these are all just static images...no coding involved).

6) Go to fieldtestapp.com and sign up for a beta account!

Photos courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sybil10/ & http://greeneyez2.blogspot.com/

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