Av st sketch06

Another logo sketch for an overseas bakery, specializing in pineapple tarts and other yummy confections. Client wanted something cool, funky, hip, slightly feminine, and illustrative. He loved my Glaze logo, and indicated a preference for something with a similar illustrative aesthetic. This approach represents 5 of 5 ideas I have right now.

OK, this one is a bit out in left-field. I wanted to do an option that incorporated a literal association of the name, but I felt that an image of just a tooth covered in icing was too boring and expected. So, I thought of other things associated with teeth and oral hygiene, and I thought of...FLOSS! Here, the image of the iced-tooth acts as a sort of secondary graphic element of the floss container's label. The floss flows out and spells the name of the bakery.

How's the legibility? Not sure about you guys, but I think I may have to work on that lowercase "T" / uppercase "T" combo a bit more.

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