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In few words:
1. Cloud sync - Dropbox & GIT integration.
2. Focus mode - lets you fadeout parts of the code that you don't need to see. You can fadeout whatever parts of code you want with whatever indent level. Everything with keyboard shortcuts.
3. Hundreds of keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier and to let you code faster.
4. Tens of built-in bundles, like zen coding, like better CSS shortcuts, etc.
5. For front-end devs: Simple PSD Editor - no more switching between your code editor and photoshop. Now you will be able to crop and slice images within your code editor. It supports PSD layers (and blending options in future)! It automatically saves your crops to your images folder (or whatever folder you want).
6. For back-end devs: built-in docs for your programming language. Trigger any command, tag, specification with one shortcut!
7. Nice UI - I hope :).

...and many many many more awesome features will be announced :)


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