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V is for Vibrations (as in… Good Vibrations)

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V is for Vibrations (as in… Good Vibrations) animation lettering

My friend @Eric Friedensohn, who sends all the good vibrations into the world with his designs and wit, designed this for TypeFight.

Lately, I've been thinking about how much collaborating with other folks has meant to me.

Are you collaborating with other designers, illustrators, animators? If not, you need to get on it. There are so many benefits.
a) It’s fun.
b) You combine your strengths with someone else’s to create something unique.
c) It builds trust.
d) Cross market with each other’s audience.

Here are some practical tips on reaching out to people you want to collaborate with.
a) DM them to say hey and get to know them a little before asking to collab with you.
b) Don’t expect a yes from everyone.

Did you know you can sign up at to get all the After Effects files for this 36 Days of Lettering Animation project?

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