Epicurrence No.6; Activities

never a dull moment at Epicurrence. All attendees will be able to do a range of Epic activities.

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This Fall in the beautiful Zion National Park, Epicurrence No.6 is back with four days of adventures away from the desk. At an event like Epicurrence, the main goal is to get you re-inspired to create better work all while gaining life-long relationships by opening up through intimate discussions and adventures throughout the wmeek. Basically it’s a unique experience you’d find in the organic aisle of conferences. At an event like Epicurrence, the focus is on the attendee and their relationships.
If you have any questions tweet @DannPetty or @Epicurrence

Epicurrence needs more partners :) Ask your company and come join us. Email dann@epicurrence.com.

Design: Robbin Cenijn
Design: Jenny Johannesson
Development: Aristide Benoist
3D Design: Anoukia Perrey

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