13 Stripes Brewing - Peggy Stewart Porter Can Design

⚒⛵️⚒ - It’s been a long time coming but we are finally proud to announce the our new line of can designs for our great client 13 Stripes Brewery, an old world style brewery out of Taylors Mill, South Carolina. Starting off with The Peggy Stewart.

The Peggy Stewart was the focal point of what became known as the Annapolis Tea Party. British merchants attempted to smuggle tea aboard the ship after the colonies began boycotting tea and the Boston Tea Party. The captain of the ship came to an agreement with the local authorities that he would burn the ship in the harbor with the tea onboard if they would allow him to unload the rest of his cargo.

Now hit those big boys. More to come on this series of can designs for 13 Stripes!

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