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Daily UI 009 — Music Player

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Daily UI 009 — Music Player blur song 9 ui daily player music hd zune


Back in 2007, I got a Zune HD for Christmas.

It brutally changed my perception of what listening to music meant. I would spend hours reading through my favourite bands' bio and exploring their lesser known related artists.

Zune's Smart DJ performed way better than Apple Genius ever did and I still think it had better song suggestions compared to today's Spotify's 'Recommended for you' playlist.

It's amazing how much of Zune's player UI (hardware and desktop) is still copied by other music players. 10 years later it still saddens me that Zune didn't thrive.

Thanks for teaching a then 14 year old kid what good design means @Microsoft. I wish more products were designed this thoughtfully these days.

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