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Watt für dich - Customer App

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Watt für dich - Customer App app sports steps counter running

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I was working on this app with @Pascal Gärtner from 2015 to 2016. The idea of the app was basically a step counter to transfer your movement energy into a virtual battery. The client was an energy company of Germany. They rolled out the app for their customers to add more value to them and bind them to their company. Users can collect points with their steps and use them for special prices in their shop. Also they were able to join challenges with their friends or family and collect steps together. We were working for almost a year on the app, also build one for Android and there were lots of changes during this time from the client, but in the end it was successfully shipped. We've built around 200+ screens for the app and created prototypes in invision for the client.

It's just a glimpse of the app here, but I would be happy, if you would share some love. <3

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