Kyle Bebeau

Don't Trap On Me

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Don't Trap On Me gadsden flag snakes dont tread on me american revolution

Don't Trap on Me is a modernization derived from the Gadsden flag dating back to 1775. Originally given to the Commander and Chief of the Navy before departing on their first mission, and the Congress of South Carolina, our home state. The Gadsden flag was considered one of the first flags of the United States brought about during the America Revolution symbolizing the fight for independence. Since the Revolution, the flag has seen resurgences as a symbol of American patriotism, disagreement with government, or support for civil liberties. Ours is symbolic of a revolt against enslavement by debt, the use money in coercion and/or extortion upon others. The spear of the sign is piercing through the snake, killing it as it lunges to strike you with a money hungry poisonous bite. The truth is, we've all been bitten. Don't Trap on Me.!?R

All piece are handmade upon order and may take 2-3 weeks delivery.

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